So here you are, wanting to learn Spanish for ages. It’s been on your New Year’s goals, you’ve already told your friends that you’re going to learn Spanish in 2023. You downloaded Duolingo and learned how to say ‘hola amigo,’ and then: life happened.

You’re always on the go, struggling to find the time to learn Spanish. Juggling life, job, kids, and the little free time you have for yourself, you want it to be ‘me’ time. 

My name is Maria, and I am not only a Spanish teacher at De Una Spanish School, but also a language student. I see this situation with my students all the time, and it has also happened to me, so believe me when I say: I understand you. I understand that life can be busy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a new language.

This is why at De Una Spanish School, we have made it a priority to develop strategies for busy students to ensure they can learn Spanish no matter what!

In this post, I will address the biggest challenges that busy students face when trying to learn Spanish and present the solutions we have implemented to overcome them.

Problem #1: Busy Schedules

Many individuals lead busy lives, with work, family responsibilities, and various commitments occupying a significant portion of their time.


  • Utilize your “dead time” effectively. Learn spanish while you sleep: After a stressful day, it’s common for cortisol levels to rise and disrupt our sleep patterns. Instead of lying in bed worrying, why not take advantage of this time to listen to a story in slowed-down Spanish? Even if you don’t fully comprehend it, try to focus on the sounds and let your subconscious absorb the information. Don’t underestimate the power of this technique, as it will yield results over time.

As an example of the material you can use for enhancing your Spanish listening skills, you can listen to this spooky story in slowed-down Spanish, feel free to listen to it while you are about to sleep, try to pick on vocabulary, it is meant for intermediate spanish.

  • Learn spanish while driving: Take advantage of traffic by engaging in what we call a “Spanish power lesson” at De Una. These are the top audible Spanish lessons for busy individuals. These lessons are designed to be convenient and effective, allowing you to achieve proficiency in Spanish quickly. You can find an example of a spanish bite size lesson below. These lessons work better with the guidance of a teacher, who has introduced you to vocabulary and has place your spanish level.

  • Utilize technology: There are numerous language learning apps and online resources that can assist individuals in learning Spanish while on the go, making it more accessible to incorporate language learning into their busy schedules. In this article, we have provided a review of the best resources available in 2023 for learning Spanish.

Problem #2: Perception of Difficulty

Learning a new language can seem daunting, and some people may feel that they don’t have enough time to dedicate to something they perceive as difficult or overwhelming.


  • Set Realistic Goals: Instead of attempting to learn Spanish all at once, break it down into smaller, more manageable goals. Set a specific objective for what you want to accomplish within a certain time frame, such as learning 50 new vocabulary words in a week, and strive to achieve that goal.
  • Make it Fun: Learning a language can be both enjoyable and rewarding, so explore ways to make it fun. Watch Spanish movies or TV shows, listen to Spanish music, or engage in conversations with native speakers. At De Una Spanish School, we have customized many of our Spanish lessons to revolve around passions that you might share with us such as cooking.

For example, In this video, you will find Teacher Luisa preparing some Colombian dishes just for you! This approach allows you to have fun while still learning effectively.

Problem #3: Lack of Prioritization

Learning a new language demands time and effort, and individuals may struggle to prioritize language learning amidst other activities and goals in their lives.

To overcome this challenge, I highly recommend seeking external guidance. We understand that managing a busy schedule and personal life can be challenging, which is why at De Una Spanish School, we provide the necessary support and resources to help you prioritize and stay committed to your language learning journey. Our experienced teachers and tailored lessons will ensure that you make progress even with a packed schedule.


  • One solution could be to find a learning partner to learn spanish: Learning with someone else can be motivating and enjoyable. Consider finding a language learning partner or joining a language exchange group to practice speaking and receive feedback.
  • Additionally, getting a spanish tutor and clearly communicating your goals to them can be beneficial. For example, I used to have classes with a student who enjoyed lessons in the car and at the gym. Despite the unconventional settings, we still made significant progress. A skilled teacher should know how to adapt to a student’s preferences and customize a learning plan that fits their schedule. A teacher can also help you overcome your own excuses by providing structure and accountability. By showing up for scheduled classes, you can engage in productive learning activities and practice speaking with a qualified instructor.

Additionally, prioritize language learning by scheduling regular study time into your calendar. Even dedicating 10-15 minutes a day can make a significant difference in your progress.

Moreover, don’t be discouraged! It’s common to make excuses like “I don’t have time for lessons,” but remember that any amount of Spanish is better than none. Let’s not procrastinate any longer! We both know you can overcome these obstacles.

With this article, I hope to have provided you with valuable insights to overcome the difficulties you may encounter when finding time to learn Spanish. At De Una Spanish School, we don’t accept excuses; we only value dedication to learning the language. Don’t let your busy schedule hold you back from achieving your language learning goals. I trust that this information has been helpful to you. Stay committed to your Spanish journey, and we look forward to seeing you in class.

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